Tata Steel Tour Championship 2020

  • Golf Course: Golmuri & Beldih Golf Courses
  • Venue: Jamshedpur
  • Prize Money: INR 1.5 Crore
  • Start Date: 17-Dec-2020
  • End Date: 20-Dec-2020
  • Tour Format:

Players Information


Name of Event                                  TATA Steel Tour Championship 2020


Dates                                                    17th to 20th December 2020 (Thursday - Sunday)


Pro-Am                                                                16th December 2020 (Wednesday)

Prize Distribution will be held on 16th December 2020 in BOAC, Beldih Golf Club (Winner & Runners-up MUST be present).


Prize Money                                      Rs.1.5 Crore


Host Venue                                       

Golmuri Golf Course & Beldih Golf Course

Since the Tournament is being played on 2 Golf Courses, Rounds 1 & 2 will be played with each Player playing 18 Holes in Golmuri Golf Course & 18 Holes in Beldih Golf Course. Rounds 3 & 4 for the tournament will be played in both Golmuri Golf Course (Front 9) and Beldih Golf Course (Back 9).


Format:                                                Stroke play                         /              Playing Field: 126 (PGTI – 109; Sponsor – 17)


Defending Champion                    Udayan Mane (IND)


Practice Round

Beldih Golf Course: 15th December 2020 (Tuesday) – 0730hrs onwards

Golmuri Golf Course: 15th December 2020 (Tuesday) – 0730hrs onwards              

Tee-times (available on first-cum-first-serve basis) MUST be booked in advance (on or before 14th December 2020 by 1200hrs) with Mr. Gagan Chadha and Players will only be allowed entry to the Golf Course 1 hour prior to their allotted tee-time.



Driving Range – Golmuri Golf Course

Players are advised to bring their own practice balls as No Range Balls are available.

Driving Range – Beldih Golf Course

Range Balls will be provided & only range balls to be used.

Hole 07 (Beldih GC) - Practice with drivers and woods will be permitted from the designated area only as follows: 

Before the Game  - Till the first flight reaches Green 05.

After the Game  - Till the last flight is on Green 07.


Please Note:

Rules & Regulations of the HOST Club for usage of the Driving Range MUST be adhered to at all times as Practice with Drivers, Fairway Woods, Rescues, Driving Irons may not be permitted on their Driving Range. Failure to abide, access to the Driving Range will be denied by the Host Club and you will also be dealt with in accordance by the Disciplinary Action Committee. 










After Play Practice

Golmuri / Beldih Golf Courses : Players may use the Driving Range, Chipping Green & Putting Green in Golmuri Golf Course after their Round but Entry into the Club-House or use of the Restaurant or lounging will not be permitted.


Chipping Area & Practice Putting Green

Own golf balls must be used


Tournament Office                         Beldih Golf Club, Jamshedpur


Registration                                       Closes 16th December 2020 – 12:00 noon


Entry Fee                                             Rs.1000/-


Withholding Tax                              As applicable as per the law.


COVID-19 (RT-PCR) Test               

The COVID-19 (RT-PCR) Test MUST be taken by all participants including their Caddies within a period of 72

hours prior to their Practice Round. Only those with a RT-PCR Negative Test Report will be allowed and Players

must forward their own and their Caddie’s Negative Test Report to PGTI., without which entry into the

Tournament/Venue will not be permitted.



Caddies/Caddie Fees                    

Rs.500/- per round, including practice round.

There are Limited Caddies available at the Club and Caddies requested will only be allotted on first-cum-first-serve basis. Kindly inform us about your caddie requirement. Failure to do so, the Player will have to carry his own bag as there are no trolley(s) available at the club.

Optional:  Players can opt to carry/push their own bag and, those doing so must abide by the Rules & Regulations of the Host Club.


Kindly let us know (via Email, WhatsApp or Text Message only., as verbal communication will not be accepted) by 1200hrs on 6th December 2020 whether you are bringing in your own caddie or you would be using a club caddie.

  1. Player(s) may bring their own caddie. Those bringing their own Caddie MUST forward/register their Caddie’s name to/with PGTI and must abide by the Rules & Regulations of the Host Club and, such player(s) MUST also submit their Caddie’s COVID-19 RT-PCR NEGATIVE Test Report along-with their own COVID-19 Negative Test Report at registration.
  2. A  Player wishing to use a particular local Club Caddie could do so but, that Caddie will be considered that player’s own caddie and the Club will not be responsible for initiating that particular Caddie’s RT-PCR Test.
  3. If you are using a Club Caddie, then that Caddie shall be tested as well through the club for which the Player has to pay INR.1050/- to the PGTI at the time of registration.
  4. If a Player does not request for a Local Club Caddie and decides to take one at the Club, he will not be provided with one.
  5. Any Player not willing to pay for the Caddie’s Test of INR.1050/-, he shall not be provided with a Caddie but has the option to carry his own bag or use a trolley.
  6. The Player can cancel his request for a Club Caddie until 6th December 2020 and no later than 1700hrs (India time) to avoid paying the Test Fees amounting INR.1050/-.









  1. In case a Player who has requested for a Club Caddie but, withdraws due to Covid reasons after 1700hrs on 6th December 2020 until 12th December 2020, the test fees will be waived for that Player but, that Player has to submit his Covid-19 Positive Test Report else he is liable to pay the test fees amounting INR.1050.
  2. In order to better facilitate Players requesting for Club Caddies and only once the Player has agreed to pay for the test fees, the Club(s) will then initiate the Covid-19 test on their behalf. Caddies will take the Covid-19 test on 12th December 2020 and the expenses amounting INR.1050 for the Covid-19 test will be paid by the Club at that moment and would subsequently be reimbursed by PGTI once received the same from the Player at the time of registration.
  3. Club Caddie(s) will be allotted to a Player only on prior request. No Player will be allotted a Caddie not requested.
  4. Caddies will be allotted by the Caddie Master and no request for a particular caddie will be entertained.



Player’s Equipment       

Player(s) may allow their Caddie(s) to handle their playing equipment and MUST ensure that their Caddies maintain Covid-19 Discipline at all times., i.e., keep safe distance, wear their Facial Mask at all times, sanitize themselves frequently - specially before and after handling Bunker Rakes & Flagsticks.



Bag Storage                                                                        N/A


PGTI Officials for the Tournament                          

CEO                                                                                        Uttam Singh Mundy                       (+91 98186 80466)

Tournament Director                                                     Sampath Chari                                   (+91 99109 74842)

Head Operations                                                              Amit Deb                                             (+91 99588 03355)

Operations                                                                         Jai Prakash Sharma                          (+91 98711 88052)

Prabhash Thakur                              (+91 99109 74847)

Gagan Chadha                                   (+91 99109 74843)

For matters related to:                 

Media (News, Social Media & Website)                 Nikhil Kalaan                                     (+91 99109 74846)

Membership (Card, Money Clips)                             Ms. Poonam Powar                        (+91 99109 74841)

Prize Money (Tax Certificates, Transfers)              Pradeep Chauhan                            (+91 99109 74849)

                                                                                                Vikas Sharma                                     (+91 95996 37366)


Tee Times                                           Will be posted on the PGTI Website (after every player has registered)


Additional Information                 Use of Metal Spikes will result in Disqualification.


Note: -

  • Every Player MUST read/interpret/understand & familiarize themselves with the “2020 COVID-19 Guidelines for PGTI Tournaments” which has already been circulated and shared with each one of you.
  • Player(s) MUST register in person with the PGTI Official at the Host Venue before they tee-off for their Practice Round and NO Player can register themselves telephonically or through any other Player. Also, NO MORE Than 1 Player will be allowed in the Tournament Office.











  • Player(s) MUST submit the Participant Consent Form and their COVID-19 Test Report (NEGATIVE) at registration., without which the Player’s entry will be Cancelled and will be asked to leave the Golf Course.
  • Player(s) bringing their own Caddie MUST abide by the Rules & Regulations of the Host Club and, such participant(s) MUST submit their Caddie’s COVID-19 RT PCR Test Report (NEGATIVE) at registration. Failure to do so, the Player(s) Caddie will not be allowed entry at the venue.
  • Players MUST ensure that their Caddies wear their Facial Mask at all times.
  • Player(s) MUST leave the tournament venue immediately on completion of their golfing round.
  • Family(s) & Friend(s) accompanying a Player not members of the Host Club are/will not be allowed entry at the Host Club.
  • Family(s) & Friend(s) from outstation accompanying a Player not members of the Host Club are/will not be allowed entry at the Host Club.
  • Player(s) may/can check with the Rules Official for scores as there will be no score boards or posting of scores at the tournament venue(s). Results will only be posted on the website at the conclusion of each tournament round/event.
  • No handshakes, high-fives or hugs.
  • Masks/facial coverings mandatory in all public areas except while dining.
  • Although Hand sanitizers will be available at starting and scoring areas, Players & their Caddies must also carry with them their own sanitizer bottles.
  • Spitting is strictly prohibited and is punishable under the law. Throwing cigarette buds is also prohibited.
  • The use of Change Rooms has been restricted. Players cannot use the Change Room for Change & Shower., but may only use for the purpose of Toilet.


Other Information

Last date of withdrawal from the TATA Steel Tour Championship 2020: December 7, 2020 till 1700hrs