Ahmedabad, 02-02-2014

Harendra Gupta & team win the Pro-Am event of the PGTI Ahmedabad Masters 2014

The Pro-Am event of the PGTI Ahmedabad Masters presented by Kalhaar Blues & Greens was won by Chandigarh-based professional Harendra Gupta and his team on Sunday. The leading amateur golfers from Ahmedabad competed at the Pro-Am event.

The Pro-Am was played in the team scramble format where the team’s best ball was chosen on every shot including the putting green. After the best ball was chosen all other players were to place their ball within one Score Card length before continuing play. Each team consisted of one professional and three amateurs.

PGTI member Harendra Gupta led his team to victory with a score of 54.2. Gupta’s team comprised of amateurs Mr. Yash Shah, Mr. Vishal Desai and Mr. Biren Patel. They won on a count-back of the last nine holes.

PGTI member Shankar Das’ team also posted a score of 54.2 to finish second. Das’ team comprised of amateurs Mr. Bhavesh Dave, Mr. Manish Choksi and Mr. Dharmesh Acharya.

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