When Jyoti Randhawa and Digvijay Singh went trout fishing in Kashmir

The Kashmir valley is a known haven for nature-lovers and adventure sports enthusiasts as it offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. Trout fishing is one such popular outdoor activity. Two of India’s leading professional golfers Jyoti Randhawa and Digvijay Singh, were literally ‘hooked’ to trout fishing during their visit to Srinagar in July 2014 for the PGTI Kashmir Masters Presented by KEO golf tournament.

Good friends Jyoti and Digvijay, who decided to take a break from golf on day two of the Srinagar event, drove down to Wangath, a one-hour drive from Srinagar, to try their luck in the crystal-clear waters of the Sind river, a major tributary of the Jhelum river. While Randhawa had been an angler since 2012, Singh took to the sport in around 2013.

The duo, armed with fly-rods that had artificial flies attached at the end as baits, walked along the swirling currents and cast their line deep and wide in pursuit of the elusive rainbow trout. The two anglers enjoyed a rewarding day of fishing in the snow-fed river as they bagged a rich haul of four trouts each.

Jyoti and Digvijay carried their cooking stove along and relished the experience of cooking the trout along the river banks. Digvijay admitted, “Trout is the softest and tastiest meat I’ve ever eaten.” He went on to reveal his method of cooking trout. “Ten minutes of marination with butter and then cooking the trout with garlic for another 20 minutes till it turns brown. Add some lemon on top and its ready to eat,” said Digvijay.

He added, “How can you spend your time indoors in a place like Kashmir. It’s hard to resist the temptation of outdoor activities in such beautiful surroundings. The clean river water, great weather and the mesmerizing sights make Kashmir an ideal fishing destination. Fishing is all about patience which is in turn beneficial for my game.”

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