PGTI’s unique trophies representative of host venues

Over the years, winners at PGTI events have been honoured with many spectacular and glittering trophies. But there are some unique trophies among these that stand out for being truly representative of the host venue, city, region or state.

The region of Kashmir was well-represented in the aesthetically designed trophy of the PGTI Kashmir Masters 2014 held at the Royal Springs Golf Course in Srinagar. The trophy was modelled on a Samovar, an ethnic Kashmiri kettle, used to brew, boil and serve Kahwa, the traditional green tea of the region. The trophy was lifted by Chikkarangappa S.

The Golconda Masters held at the Hyderabad Golf Club since 2015 boasts of a trophy which defines the city in the true sense. The impressive trophy depicts the majestic Golconda Fort, a centuries-old heritage structure and landmark tourist site of Hyderabad. The Hyderabad Golf Club has been built in and around the Golconda Fort premises. The trophy has been lifted by Harendra Gupta (2015), Ajeetesh Sandhu (2016 & 2017), Udayan Mane (2018 & 2020) and Chikkarangappa (2019).

The IndianOil Servo Masters Golf hosted at the Digboi Golf Links in Assam since 1999 witnessed the institution of a new trophy in 2016 by sponsor IndianOil. The trophy depicts “The Still”, the precursor of petroleum refining, used to treat crude oil from 1890 – 1923. The huge cast iron cauldron was used for extracting kerosene from crude oil. The engraved ‘Flare’ represents the modern technological marvel that Digboi Refinery is at present. The trophy has been lifted by Honey Baisoya (2016), Shamim Khan (2017 & 2018) and Veer Ahlawat (2019).

The Kolkata Classic held at the Royal Calcutta Golf Club in the years 2016 and 2017 had another unique and attractive trophy on offer. The trophy was a model of the world-famous Howrah Bridge (also known as Rabindra Setu), a structure which has been a well-known symbol of the city of Kolkata. The trophy was lifted by Shubhankar Sharma (2016) and Shamim Khan (2017).

The inaugural TATA Steel Tour Championship staged at the Golmuri Golf Club in Jamshedpur in 2019 saw the launch of an inspiring trophy. The trophy depicts a 3-D model of Jamshedpur city and the TATA Steel plant. It has five layers representing TATA Steel’s five cherished values – Integrity, Excellence, Unity, Pioneering and Responsibility. The pattern at the back of the trophy is inspired from the skyline of the Jamshedpur Steel Plant. The trophy was lifted by Udayan Mane last year.

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